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Do you have a free trial?
Yes! Our 3-days free trial is intended to allow you to examine Bittio and see it in action before subscribing. To obtain updates after the free trial, you must subscribe using a credit card or cryptocurrency.
Can I try Bittio before committing to a plan?
Absolutely. All Bittio plans come with a free trial—no credit card information required in advance.
What happens when my trial ends?
Once your trial ends you will no longer receive live signals. The last live signal that you have received will remain active and updated even after the trial ends. You can always see new signals as soon as they expire.
Can I subscribe using cryptocurrencies?
Of course. We accept most major cryptocurrencies. However, since it is not possible to make recurring payments with cryptocurrencies, you should extend your subscription before the current period ends to avoid any interruptions.
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