Our Story

We are a group of experienced and devoted crypto traders and developers on a mission to help individuals gain a competitive advantage over other traders and investors by using our smart trading bot.

Our team of experts consists of specialists in economics, artificial intelligence and risk management, data scientists and professional mathematicians. This combination helps us to provide users with outstanding results.

The trading bot we provide with our customers is the result of years of hard work, devotion, and trading in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Growing alongside this industry has prompted us to design and test new algorithms and holistic techniques with concrete value for any sort of market that can be used by anyone – from absolute beginners to experienced traders and investors.

Our team of crypto experts stays on top of market news in order to make continual modifications that will help Bittio identify winning trades across all cryptocurrencies, as well as upcoming events that may have an impact on crypto values.

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What makes BITTIO unique?

It is completely Automated

Bittio is completely automated, it takes care of all the complicated tasks of selecting markets, adjusting buy/sell settings and analyzing signals using AI

It is entirely Cloud-based

You don’t need to leave your computer on for Bittio to work. Bittio is completely online, and you can access it from any device connected to the internet anywhere in the entire universe. This also means no downtime!

Saves you time and money

Once set up, you do not need to monitor the markets and you don’t have to worry about missing a trading opportunity or ending up in losses. Bittio takes care of your money and time.

Bittio is dynamic and persistent

Bittio is dynamic. It analyses the market each and every second and adjust the buy and sell signals based on the latest changes in the market to maximizes your profits.

Keeps you updated on the go

You will be added to our Telegram Bot and receive all of the events on your cell phone if you provide a Telegram enabled phone number during sign up.

Offers 24/7 technical support

We have the best customer service of any trading signal supplier on the planet. We offer 24/7 online support by technicians who can be contacted by email, online chat, WhatsApp and telegram!

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