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Fire Zone


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Fire Zone

You can think of Fire Zone as a smart AI-based thermal camera that allows traders in financial markets to analyze support and resistance zones or walls, and understand the overall market situation.

As a leading indicator, Fire Zone is powered by AI and Machine Learning, and can find key areas of interest in the market. To obtain the best results, Fire Zone analyzes more than 62 indicators and oscillators, and 30 chart patterns in 6 different timeframes simultaneously. It is also useful for supply-and-demand analysis, as well as monitoring large flows of crypto assets between hot and cold wallets.

By using Fire Zone, experienced traders and beginners can review the congestion areas in different timeframes at a glance. This indicator helps traders to manage their next move accordingly.

Each zone in Fire Zone indicator is based on buy and sell orders, and the effect they may have on cryptocurrency markets. Fire Zone analyzes the chart’s reaction to the price range of 5400 previous candlesticks in 6 different lower timeframes. After that, each Zone is being constantly updated based on the live market reactions. Short-term and mid-term traders can use Fire Zone on 15m, 1h and 2h charts to get the confirmation they need in their trading strategy.


Each color in Fire Zone has its own meaning; Just like when you are looking at the market through a thermal camera. By using Fire Zone, you can review the congestion areas in different timeframes at a glance.

Fire Zone is a smart trading tool with different colorful zones. Market reacts to each color differently, which can be described as follows:

Solid and Uninterrupted Colors

Uninterrupted highly-reactive colors that last for longer periods (the timeframe determines how long the period can be), result in stronger zones. Traders can do their risk management based on how strong these zones are. An interrupted color bar can be considered as a sign that the current trend may change direction, and there is chance of bearish or bullish traps to be formed.


Professional traders strongly rely on support and resistance zones to make proper investment or trading decisions. By using Machine Learning techniques and real-time price movements, Fire Zone can find support and resistance zones with high accuracy. As we explained above, each zone has a specific color based on its strength, and the chart may react to each color differently.

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